Table of Content

  • Product Description
  • Seat, Storage, and Canopy
  • Handle, Wheels, Fold and Unfold
  • Maneuverability Test
  • Ease of Use
  • Safety
  • Accessories
  • Video
  • Specifications
  • Pros and Cons

We Like

  • Easy to maneuver and Smooth ride. This stroller can be easily steered.
  • Easy to set up. It's easy to open and close.
  • It's comfortable to push for long walks and provides a smooth ride for the toddler.
  • Works well for jogging

We Don't Like

  • It's a bit heavy.
  • Bulky, difficult to get in and out of the car.
  • Small accessories - The cupholders are too floppy.

Product Description

Let’s dive right into this BOB Revolution SE stroller review! Maybe the most awarded stroller in the industry (and certainly the most popular stroller over the last four or five years), when you decide to purchase the BOB Revolution stroller you’re not just deciding to purchase a high-quality piece of "child transportation technology" – but instead making an investment in your child’s comfort, safety, and a reduction in headaches and hassles for mom and dad!

Easily one of the complete strollers available on the market today, this is the kind of product that puts the closest competitors to shame without any extra effort whatsoever. YES, it has a bit of a steep price tag (the strollers go for anywhere between $350 and $450 every day of the week), but people are more than happy to pay that price once they start to read the reviews!

This is very much a "buy it for life" kind of purchase, the kind of investment that will pay off for years and years to come – especially if you intend to have more than one child! But let’s not waste any more time. The very first thing that you’re going to notice about the BOB Revolution stroller is that it is designed with your child’s comfort and safety at the top of the list.


Bob Revolution SE Seat
Absolutely everything about this particular unit screams comfort and safety, but the seat is really where everything comes together perfectly.

You’re going to find that this 21-inch high seat is just high enough to give your child all of the back and neck support they need to stay safe (and the included five point harness definitely doesn’t hurt, either), but it’s also going to help you sleep a little bit easier at night knowing that the entire unit is made out of ridiculously comfortable – and incredibly strong – construction materials throughout.

The included seat on this particular unit is something special, but if you’re looking for the maximum utility you’re going to appreciate the fact that you can immediately integrate a BOB car seat adapter in just 30 seconds or less.

With this adapter, you’ll be able to use a number of popular car seats for babies as a seat on this particular unit, which is going to eliminate a lot of headache and hassle right off the bat.


BOB Revolution SE Storage
Storage space is a premium here, with multiple compartments (each of them very large) strategically located throughout the unit.

There are four different main storage levels on this particular stroller, each and every one of them located close enough for mom or dad to reach without having to take both of their hands off of the stroller handles – but secure enough so that your child isn’t going to have the opportunity to get into a bit of mischief by opening up the storage units themselves.

Compared to some of the other jogging stroller with car seat options out there, the BOB Revolution stroller isn’t exactly overflowing with storage capacity, but that doesn’t mean that it is lacking in any way whatsoever, either.

It has more than enough storage capacity for most people, and if you are looking to add extra capacity you can slip a lightweight backpack around handles to extend the utility of this unit dramatically.


BOB Revolution SE Canopy
The built-in canopy is perfectly designed and engineered in a way that few other jogging stroller manufacturers ever attempt to pull off.

Rather than just include a fold up canopy that “gets the job done” – barely –, BOB Revolution SE stroller systems come with an incredibly robust canopy that will not only keep the sunlight out of your child’s eyes, but it will also make sure that they are protected from not so nice weather as well!

The canopy really is pretty remarkable in the way that it is designed. It’s going to be instantly deployed with zero a headache or hassle whatsoever, but can also be infinitely adjusted to give you just the right amount of coverage without sacrificing your own visibility of your child in the seat.


BOB Revolution SE Handle
The people behind BOB definitely pulled out all the stops, and I know that I personally appreciate them going to such great lengths to make sure that the details of their strollers were focused on as much as the major components.

A lot of the best running stroller options out there aren’t exactly a dream to maneuver at lower speeds because of the way that the handles are set up, but that’s never going to be a problem with this particular unit. And I should know!

I bought this stroller with every intention of jogging a daily basis, but, it turns out I’m not exactly as wild about jogging as I thought it would be so I use it more as a “mall crawler” than anything else.

The handle system is relatively compact and streamlined, and still gives you complete and total control over the maneuverability of this jogging stroller.


BOB Revolution SE Wheels
As far as the wheels are concerned, the BOB Revolution SE stroller takes advantage of incredibly smartly designed wheels in a “tricycle” setup that is picture perfect for just about any kind of terrain you can throw at it.

I know that I was easily able to go up and down hills outside with zero headaches or hassle whatsoever, and could easily transition from those outdoor spaces do indoor spaces with zero decreases in right comfort or maneuverability.

I’m not quite sure how the engineers behind this particular stroller were able to pull it off, but the wheels that they have designed our lightweight, able to handle just about any terrain you throw at them, and contribute to increased mobility and maneuverability.

I love them!

Fold and Unfold

BOB Revolution SE Fold
The beautiful thing about the BOB Revolution stroller is that it can be almost instantly folded (or unfolded) with just one hand.

I used to fight with strollers in the past just to try and get them opened or closed, and that was using two hands, so the idea of being able to effortlessly use a single to open and close up my stroller was pretty foreign to me.

However (like just about everything else on my BOB Revolution stroller), the one-handed operation more than lived up to expectations and now I can’t imagine using anything else!

Check and compare with BOB Revolution Pro.

What’s most amazing about the handle system is that it is so smartly designed that this all-terrain stroller feels like it handles exactly the same off the road as it does glide through a department store and engineering miracle that I never thought I would ever get the chance to experience!


Incredibly enough, this jogging stroller travel system handles better than smaller and more compact units, which really took me for a surprise the first time out “in the world” with this stroller.

Because of the way that it is designed and engineered (as well as the way that the three wheels work in perfect concert with one another, all of which is dictated by you the driver with nothing more than a single hand “on the wheel”), everything just seems to glide along with zero extra effort whatsoever.

It’s easy to see why this is widely considered by most to be the best running stroller on the market today! I found it almost impossibly easy to maneuver in tight spaces in department stores and out shopping, and when you want to take your little ones to the park you’re going to find it maneuvers just as well!


Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) wants to deal with a stroller that is going to fight them every single step of the way, especially when you have an eight-week-old passenger riding along.

Unfortunately, too terribly many strollers out there on the market today are going to give you a world of a headache and hassle. They just aren’t all that intuitively designed. Thankfully, you weren’t going to run into that problem with this stroller.

The BOB Revolution SE stroller was engineered and designed from the ground up to be the easiest to use the stroller on the planet, and it definitely lives up to those expectations. You can open and close the entire unit with a single hand (folding it up for storage or transportation while you have your child in your other arm), it offers an incredible amount of storage space and capacity you won’t find anywhere else, and because you can easily snap your car seat into this stroller with no extra effort at all you’re going to find a dream to use.

At that isn’t even mentioning the fact that it is super lightweight thanks to the aluminum alloy construction!


Safety features abound on this particular stroller. The included stroller seat comes complete with a five-point safety harness, but if you decide to go with the car seat adapter you’re going to find even more safety features built right in.

On top of that, this stroller has some of the best friction brakes I’ve ever seen on a stroller, giving me a line of confidence and security that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. Of course, the orange color scheme doesn’t hurt these are, as it guarantees that you are going to be spotted in the lowest of light conditions.


There are a considerable amount of accessories available for sale that go nicely with the BOB Revolution SE single stroller, but the two that you are going to want to consider picking up before any others would have to be the car seat adapter set up and the extra external storage packages.

The car seat adapter is going to allow you to use just about any popular car seat model out there today with your BOB SE stroller while the external storage packages will help to increase the utility of this stroller without setting you back a small fortune.


  • Type: Jogger Stroller
  • Warranty: 5-year – Frame
  • Reversible Top Seat: NO
  • Five-point Harness: YES
  • Seat Height: 21"
  • Maximum Weight: 70 lbs
  • Item Weight: 25 lbs
  • Dimensions: 51.6 x 25.4 x 40"
  • Front Wheel: 12"
  • Rear Wheel: 15.5"